October 21, 2012

Xul'noc King Remake

My artorder was to remake this guy in a more serious way. The first thing I did was looking at birds I liked and think about a way to rebuild this anatomy-less character..
For the face I kept the duck part and got myself inspired by the beautiful Bataleur.
The rest was just putting muscles and bones on the original, adding some feathers on the arms to make it more interesting.
Then I did a sketch of the new concept, got it approved and worked on the thumbnails. I chose my favorite, did a digital overpaint and got it approved as well.

Lastly I got the sketch approved as well, worked on my palette, limited it for the scene and finished it up.

Copyright Everdreamsoft

I must admit, that my first reaction to the artorder was more like a wtf-moment. I didn't expect to do something like that haha. But in the end I think I did a good job at remaking him.

Post Scriptum: My folder with the WIP-PSD's is nearly 13 Gigabytes big! I rarely work on such a huge resolution. Add the layers and you got monster-files haha

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