May 7, 2016

The Auto Immune Protocol (AIP)

In honor of the Auto Immune Protocol and to Dr. Wahls as well, I've created this artwork.
I am on the AIP for a month now because of my Colitis Ulcerosa, and I don't see it as diet, I see it as a life changing aspect I will keep for the rest of my life.
It restructered my nutritional horizon and it widened my little rainbow I ate before.
I've never eaten as diverse and healthy as I do now, thus I am really greatful for stumbling over the AIP. Besides that I feel better every week even though I am gradually reducing my prednisone.
Can't wait to get rid of it completely..

If you are interested in what the Auto Immune Protocol is exactly just google it, there are many resources out there. To keep it short: It is a special form of the paleolithic diet.

After many years of changes and weeks of research I feel like I've found the right path.
It feels great.

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