June 19, 2012

International Comic Salon 2012

Hey, yes I went there this year and it was awesome. I've seen the 50 Years Spider Man Special with all Issues and Spider Man originals. Many of the old ones are funny and ridiculous.
There was a comic mag contest called "Comic Clash" too, where the mag Oh Magazin of my mate Lew won the 1. place, yeeh!

And of course I bought some great stuff: The District 9 Art/Conceptbook, the limited movie 'Brain Work Melt' with small artbook, great postcards and Moebius' ARZACH (hell yes!).
I also got a bunch of reading samples, smaller comics and comic compilations.

While I've seen a hell load of comics I additionally met new cool people and I think, if you are a comic artist this event is a must to get rid of your copies, earn some money and tie new contacts.
I really recommend this to everyone who is able to get there.

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