May 18, 2012

Wait a minute..

Yep. This is a real brush.

And while we are at new technology...  Ipads (to name one) on which you can do digital life painting in the park.. damn, that sounds sweet to me. It would boost my skill progress for sure. If I think about how impossible it is to do same with my workstation... I can't even do good still lifes here.
The question that comes up is: Is it worth the money in the long run?

Also, did you see those new Augmented Reality Glasses of Google? I can't wait to use this cyberpunkish technology.. but I assume the first devices for AR will be quite crappy. Same for 3D Vision on the PC.
I know it already exists but.. it's a) improvable and b) merely available. I think sculpting and playing games in 3D will be rad. But let's wait; first we got to survive the coming worldwide currency crisis..

And remember: Everything was Science Fiction once..


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